What is the Streambox?

The Streambox is an opensource hardware platform designed as an inexpensive way to stream the video output of an ultrasound machine over the internet. The sourcecode can be found publicly posted on GitHub (click the link above!), and anyone is welcome to make their own box, free of payment or royalties.

If, on the other hand, you would rather save yourself the trouble and buy a pre-built box, keep an eye on this page or click the subscription link above to be the first to know when they become available for purchase!


How does the Streambox work?

The Streambox is made using three primary components:

A Raspberry Pi is an extremely inexpensive "single board computer" (an entire computer running on a board the size of a credit card and costing $35). It takes video information directly out of an ultrasound machine (or anything, really...a TV, a computer, a VCR, an Xbox...) by using a TV "capture card", which is another very inexpensive chip that converts one signal to another. In the case of the Streambox, you attach whatever cable connects properly to your machine (probably VGA or S-video), and the capture card converts the wiring to a USB plug, which can connect to the Pi. The Pi then does all the heavy lifting to convert the signal to something that can more easily be sent over the internet. This signal is then sent to a server, which you can set up on any old computer as long as it is always connected to the internet. Once sent to the server, the video stream can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Why would I want to livestream my ultrasound exams?

The primary reason this project was created was to facilitate the development of emergency medicine capacity in areas where it is otherwise lacking. For instance, there are many incredible physicians and other healthcare providers working in clinical settings throughout the developing world who have access to older models of ultrasound machines, but lack the local expertise or IT infrastructure to properly train with or utilize them. This device allows those providers to connect with mentors all over the world and receive in-the-moment feedback when it's needed the most.