Welcome to the blog! This is the first of what I hope will eventually be a great number of useful posts. To start things off on the right foot, I’d like to use this first post to simply direct your attention, dear reader, to my latest (small) project. A while back, I was directed to an incredible resource - a Google Sheets spreadsheet posted by Dr. Rachel Liu1 with an extensive list of mostly free online resources for POCUS education.

Link to the original spreadsheet

Over the last few years, I’ve unfortunately gone a little off the deep end with regard to my obsession with UI and UX design. As a case-in-point, I recently emailed a set of forms to enroll our younger son in daycare along with a legit pages-long rant about how poor the UX of the forms was thanks to redundant data input requirements, poorly executed form design, etc. I’m not necessarily embarrassed about it, but let’s just say I’m glad the current pandemic allows me to wear a mask when I drop my kids off…

Anyway, I finally got around to designing and coding a web-based version that allows the user to search for a specific resource or filter the list by tags, and all resources have a convenient link, either in the name or in the description (if there are multiple links, such as for apps available on both iOS and Android).

Link to the interactive list of resources

Please feel free to explore, and definitely let me know your thoughts! Any suggestions for edits or additions to the list would be greatly appreciated.

Huge shoutout to Dr. Rachel Liu for putting this list together in the first place, and for all of her work in the field over the years!

  1. Fun fact: Profesionally (and maybe a little bit personally), I totally want to be just like Dr. Liu when I grow up. She’s a freaking rockstar.